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To be available for viewing On Demand. Diarrhea is a very common problem that impacts both dogs and cats. Past studies have shown that roughly 15% to nearly 30% of patients that present to the veterinary clinic for care will have been affected with d...more
To be available for viewing On Demand. Infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract are common in both dogs and cats. While many of these are caused by viruses, there are also bacterial and fungal causes. We also know that viral infections can...more
To be available for viewing On Demand. Many pets go through life with oral pain and discomfort due to malocclusion, crowding and tooth rotation. In addition to these conditions, small pets (under 20 lbs) historically develop inflammation and bone los...more
To be available for viewing On Demand. Many of our good recommendations don't quite hit the mark with our clients and the consequence is that their pets go home with no treatment. This is often times due to a (perceived) lack of confidence or the ina...more
To be available for viewing On Demand. One does not go to a gunfight with a butter knife! You may do it once, but it will leave you bloody and scarred. Knowing which bur to use for specific indications and whether to use a luxator or elevator can ma...more
On a daily basis, procedures are performed in the veterinary practice setting that require general anesthesia. All involved should have a deep understanding of anesthetic principles AND an awareness of the range of complications that may be seen. As an ...more


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