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Some Good News for Your Day

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    October 23, 2023 12:10 PM EDT

    I recently had the honor and pleasure of reconnecting with a veterinary colleague from the past. Though our paths did not cross with much frequency then (some 30 years ago when we were pursuing our respective residencies - me in ophthalmology and he in oncology), he impressed me as being particularly driven, uniquely brilliant, and a special kind of person. Here we are now, nearly three decades later, and I've discovered that my initial impressions of Dr. Chand Khanna were spot on and have been validated!

    VetVine recently partnered with Ethos Discovery in an effort to showcase some very important work that's being spearheaded by Dr. Khanna. Never in my lifetime did I think that I'd ever speak the words that, perhaps, a cure for canine hemangiosarcoma was within sight or even possible. This week (and in advance of Pet Cancer Awareness Month) we will be releasing Dr. Chand Khanna's discussion on New Insights on Canine Hemangiosarcoma, in which he will share information about an ongoing, nationwide clinical trial for dogs with ruptured splenic tumors.

    I hope that each and every one of our Members will take the opportunity to learn about this important work and to let others know about it, too! In the meantime, I invite you to learn more about Ethos Discovery and their workTheir approach to finding a cure for canine hemangiosarcoma is modeled after work that was done to combat childhood leukemia (a disease that used to be fatal, but that now has very high survival rates).  

    And that, my friends, is what's buzzing and your daily dose of good news! :)

    **For a limited time only, our friends at are generously sponsoring free registrations to access Dr. Khanna's presentation. To take advantage of this opportunity please follow this link: