Work smart, live well

"Work smart" ...

An expression of our commitment to provide brief and relevant learning opportunities for veterinary professionals - on their own time.

  • Our accredited Continuing Education offerings include weekly 'hot topics' and 'specialty updates' to help keep the busy professional in the know and up to date on veterinary medicine topics.

"Live well" ...

We are dedicated to supporting veterinary professionals in achieving work-life balance and creating positive change in their life.

  • VetVine offers peer to peer "Wellness Wisdom" for professionals including tips on self-care, personal wellness, and achieving work-life balance.
  • VetVine's Life Coaching for Professionals is a great resource for individuals or teams wanting to create positive change in their lives including improving leadership skills, managing conflict, time management, or personal goal setting.

    Browse the Coaching Corner for some of Coach Gwen's insights on stress management and other life hacks.