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Keep the Faith and Never Stop Believing

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    October 31, 2023 5:50 PM EDT

    These are troubling times and, while I have always been one to try and “think positive” and maintain the belief that a blessing or lesson awaits me on the other side of a tough situation, I am truly finding myself challenged as I tune in to the news of the day ... day after day. Every which way I turn there seems to be a plethora of negativity in the world. I’m emotionally exhausted and, at times, find myself feeling sad and hopeless. So, where do I find solace? In nature and my nurturing relationships with animals (of the non-human variety). Thank goodness for beautiful sunsets, catching a glimpse of migrating waterfowl, song birds that choose my yard to do their thing, and the unwavering companionship of my bestie, my dog. I’m also mindful that there are GOOD people in this world and I am grateful for the relationships I have with the ‘good-doers’ / humans on this planet. People who I may or may not agree with on all things, but people who I do respect.

    The universe must have picked up on my vibe. Just last week I was introduced to a couple of people who are working to make the world a better place for others. Inspired by their personal experiences and misfortune of having lost dogs to cancer, they are transforming their heartbreak into purpose to support others navigating a similar journey. I can’t tell you how heartwarming it was to listen to their stories and learn how they are turning their sadness into trying to do something to benefit others. We were introduced shortly after the release of VetVine’s most recent webinar produced in partnership with Ethos Discovery, and it is that disease (canine hemangiosarcoma) that inspired them to create a nonprofit organization that is committed to driving awareness and research and to supporting all who care for dogs with hemangiosarcoma.

    November is designated as National Pet Cancer Awareness Month and VetVine is working to do its part to improve awareness and share exciting news about the ongoing work and advances in pet cancer care. We are thrilled to have recently partnered with Ethos Discovery to help spread the word about their ongoing nationwide clinical trial for dogs with ruptured splenic tumors and hemangiosarcoma. They are roughly half way towards meeting their patient accrual goal and we recently learned that their work, to date, is showing promise that they are on the road to finding a cure for canine hemangiosarcoma. Dr. Chand Khanna is a veterinary oncologist and serves as Chief Science Officer of Ethos Discovery. He shared these inspiring words during his discussion about this clinical trial, “based on the research we’re doing, we are already seeing hints that we are on the right track towards delivering curative outcomes for dogs with hemangiosarcoma.” 

    We’re also excited to point our followers to the recently launched nonprofit and website - - founded by Mr. Jason Redlus. I had the pleasure of speaking with him earlier this week and learned more about the inspiration behind his newest passion project. Stemming from his personal experiences and loss of his American Cocker Spaniel, Mr. Redlus is dedicating his efforts to supporting others navigating the hemangiosarcoma journey and ensuring that caregivers of affected dogs are guided and empowered with accurate information when dealt with a hemangiosarcoma diagnosis. Additionally, he is committed to promoting innovation in the world of pet cancer diagnosis and treatment. This resource is going to be of great benefit and have a positive impact on many caregivers of "hemangio" dogs.

    Lastly, I’m so pleased to report that our efforts to bring awareness to these endeavors are already having an impact. Just this week we were able to connect the Ethos Veterinary Health team with one of our followers who reached out to us regarding their 8 year old dog diagnosed with oral hemangiosarcoma. We are all hopeful that this introduction leads to a positive outcome for everyone involved. Keep the faith and never, ever stop believing!

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