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Doctor is Sabotaged & Client "Makes Like a Flea"

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    January 18, 2018 6:16 PM EST

    One cannot overemphasize the importance and value of the "front end" to the image of any business - including the veterinary practice.

    Let's say you plan a special night out on the town. You decide to treat you and your significant other to dinner at a celebrity chef's 5-star restaurant. You are looking forward to the amazing food and special treatment that comes along with the price-point of your special evening. Should it be difficult to make the reservation? Should there be any issue when you arrive ... other than an encounter with a smiling person who welcomes you to their establishment? Is it too much to ask that the server gets the order right and presents your meals as requested? No mix ups or omissions?

    Of course, the services offered by a veterinary practice are much different than that of a restaurant. However, just about every business operates within a competitive landscape and if it doesn't deliver on important aspects of their customer's experience, that customer can "make like a flea" and rocket launch in search of another host or provider.

    I don't care whether a practice is AAHA-certified or has the valedictorians of the veterinary and veterinary technology training programs working for them. If the front line (client care rep / receptionist) drops the ball, on the turn of a dime it can lead to the loss of a client and any future revenues related to the care of their pet(s).

    That front desk experience is the first impression made with each prospective client of your practice. It's also the ongoing barrier or hurdle for existing clients. Need a prescription refill? You need to start with the person who answers the phone. Have questions about the dental or procedure that the vet recommended a couple of months ago? You've got to start by going through the front desk. Satisfaction with the information learned (and follow through) is highly dependent on the client care rep's ability to answer those questions OR their commitment to seamlessly ensure you get all of the answers you seek.

    I posted this on my Facebook today, out of frustration with one of my own doctors:

    So. Health insurer requires a prescription / referral from the GYN so that you (the patient) can schedule a mammogram. After the FIRST call to the doctor's office to request such, how many additional times (& time spent) must you (the patient) call the GYN's office back to ask why it has not yet been submitted?
    A) One call should do it. What ... you had to call again?! 
    B) Not sure, but 3 calls totaling 20 minutes of "hold please" and it's still not done seems ...?

    Who needs that? Better ... who has time for that? Yeah, I like this doctor. He's fine. But I've got news for you. I don't like him SO much that I feel compelled to remain a patient in his practice. Why should I continue to endure needless and senseless frustrations related to a simple and common, every day request?  Google tells me there are scores of GYNs in my radius ... and a bunch of them have really great patient reviews.